Hi, and welcome to 4th Consciousness True Sidereal Astrology!

True Sidereal Astrology applies to everyone; it might be for you if you are…

  • Looking for personal, career, or relationship advice
  • Seeking to gain higher knowledge of someone’s behaviors or personality traits
    (i.e., wondering why you or someone else does “this” or “that”)
  • Seeking greater insight into your physical health or health conditions
  • Trying to figure out the best time to start a business
  • Wondering if a certain person of interest is “the one”
  • Wondering if your current partner is right for you,
    and/or wanting to better understand him/her
  • Experiencing confusion, in general or in a specific area of life
  • Wanting to plan ahead over the next month, year, or decade
  • Wanting to be aware of and prepare for any major crises
  • Confused about or unsure of your true purpose in life

True Sidereal Astrology is the best of all worlds!  It utilizes:

  • All 13 signs, including the oft-forgotten/neglected Ophiuchus
  • The actual constellations as a basis for the zodiac
  • The full size of each zodiac, given proportional representation in the chart
  • A circular chart layout with 12 Houses
  • All “regular” planets, from the Sun through Pluto, plus Chiron and often the Part of Fortune
  • All planetary aspects and transits

Your Professional Astrologer…

I’m Laina, a self-taught, self-experienced professional astrologer from San Antonio, Texas.

My study of astrology actually began nearly 30 years ago when my mother gave me my first astrology book as a child.  I absorbed it quickly and yearned for more.  Over the years, I “borrowed” my mother’s numerous astrology books, eventually amassed my own astrology book library, tinkered with various astrology software programs, and began providing readings for other people.  I gave my first professional astrological reading in 1996.

During the summer of 2018, a trusted friend introduced me to the concept of True Sidereal Astrology.  Fortunately, most of what I knew about astrology remained stable; however, I had to undergo a paradigm shift, relaxing the rigid “rules” I had held dear before.  Trust me, though, it was worth it.

I’ve been through my own trials and challenges, and perhaps I can help you, too!

  • Are you new to astrology and wanting to get the lay of the land?
  • Are you familiar with/experienced in astrology but some “sticking points” just didn’t seem to jive?
  • Are you skeptical about astrology and you’re not sure if it’s even useful?
  • Are you looking for a down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is (gently) professional to guide you?
  • Are you going through a trying time and you’re looking for a light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Do you sense that something big is coming up but you’re not sure what it is?
  • Do you feel you lack self-confidence (either long- or short-term) and you don’t want to get taken advantage of?
  • Are you (or someone you know) going through–or dreading/preparing for–a “midlife crisis”?

Yes, I can help.  🙂

How Can I Help You?

Currently, I consult with individuals to provide the following services:

  • Natal Chart Astrology – a reading of your natal chart and personality characteristics, tendencies, gifts, and challenges, and how to best handle them to emerge stronger and wiser as a person.
  • Progressed Chart Astrology – a reading of your progressed chart (progressed to any point in time) and personality characteristics, tendencies, gifts, and challenges.  We can pinpoint how you’ve grown and changed over the years.
  • Predictive Astrology – a comparison of your chart to current or future planetary positions to analyze planetary “transits” that can represent “themes” in your life.  This can help you now and in the future.
  • Relationship Astrology/Synastry – a comparison of your chart to that of another person to determine various aspects of compatibility.

If this resonates with you, please feel free to Contact Me today!